How to choose a good family lawyer?

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How to choose a good family lawyer?

Today, we will talk about one of the most pressing topics – how to find a good family lawyer. A family lawyer will help secure their legal rights and sometimes improve their material well-being. But, unfortunately, to find a good lawyer or a lawyer in civil law is very difficult and can take away not only time and effort, but also money.

Based on the experience of our clients and open court practice, we can formulate the first and most important rule – choose a narrow-profile family lawyer. In other words, a specialist in a particular field (for example, a specialist in divorce, marriage contract or will).

Do not neglect the search for reviews on the work of a specific family lawyer. So you reduce the chance of running into a scammer or illiterate lawyer.


If you do not pay special attention to this item, you may encounter:

  • With incorrectly written documents;
  • Loss of time to collect additional papers;
  • Incorrect wording of statements that will lead to litigation on another issue.

All these errors cannot only cost you a large sum but also lead to the fact that it will be impossible to solve your question. And the main reason why – the presentation of a similar lawsuit is impossible.

Decide who you need: a lawyer or family lawyer

You can get a legal education in the university, and in the secondary vocational institution. And we recognize that it will be a different education, different skills, and knowledge. Higher education institutions may also be subdivided by the quality of education, and it is difficult to verify in advance the experience, education, and results of a lawyer’s previous work. And she herself for legal activity is not required to obtain a license. Therefore, if you decide to hire a lawyer, then be prepared for what you have to believe in his word.

You can find a lawyer in special commercial organizations, i.e. their main goal is financial gain. In addition, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • You enter into an agreement with the head of the legal organization, and not with the lawyer himself, who is going to entrust his business.
  • A lawyer will represent your interests in court only by proxy, therefore his rights in court and opportunities will not exceed your own.
  • Often cases that are conducted by legal organizations are distinguished by leapfrogging of persons representing your interests in court. So at the first meeting, one lawyer may appear, at the second – another and so on. So, it’s difficult to talk about a verified and thought-out strategy.

The main techniques that lawyers can lure to their office: free advice, phone calls, discounts, and other aggressive marketing moves. However, none of these companies can boast of a good family lawyer with a license to practice law.

A family lawyer must have:

  • Diploma of higher legal education in the university, which has state accreditation.
  • Extensive experience in handling such cases (recall the advice of a specialist).
  • Having an excellent result of the qualification exam.
  • Received the status of lawyers and a special license to operate.
  • He has been registered with the Bar in the region where he conducts business.
  • Has authority given to him by law?
  • He is constantly improving his qualifications, studying new amendments, and is also interested in managing similar cases.

In other words, both the work experience and the effectiveness of the cases, the education, and knowledge of the lawyers were checked up by specialists who assigned the lawyer status, and besides, you yourself can check all this in free access. Therefore, we recommend finding a good family lawyer for the following reasons:

  • His knowledge and experience have already been tested, and for the purchase of a lawyer’s license, he faces a real criminal term.
  • The lawyer does not set the main goal – the extraction of personal commercial gain, but only reputational, which again plays into your hands.
  • The lawyer has broad powers, enshrined in the law “On advocacy,” which allows him to collect evidence in an improved and accelerated mode than an ordinary lawyer would do. For example, an organization must respond to a lawyer’s request (information, photos, videos, records, financial statements, etc.).
  • A lawyer can take minutes and take written explanations of various persons who can be used in court as evidence.
  • Only a lawyer can represent a client in a criminal case. In addition, the judge will treat with greater respect to the lawyer than to a lawyer.

Therefore, we recommend contacting a lawyer directly than with a legal organization. And so decreases the chance to run into one-day firms, scammers or simply illiterate “specialists.”

Check the work of your lawyer

Once a family lawyer is found, make sure he allows you to monitor the conduct of the work. Please note that the lawyer received a valid license, a warrant to work in court, and is also ready to present his ID at any time. And most importantly, do not forget to make sure that you enter into a contract with a specific person (attorney) or partner lawyers. No prominence and high reputation of a lawyer can guarantee you a successful outcome of the case and protection from lawyer’s mistakes. Therefore, in case of failure or bad faith of a lawyer, you can make a complaint in the name of a specific person.

How to find a good lawyer: a list of cases

  1. Identify the main problem that requires a solution, and it’s belonging to a particular branch of law. For example, property division disputes are civil law. And if you further reduce the specialty – the divorce process.
  2. If it is not possible to determine the branch of law, you can contact our specialists in the form below for initial consultation. Consultation is free.
  3. Next, go to search through the Internet. Most likely, every lawyer in your region has his own business card site, where he talks about his services, keeps a price list, and maybe even keeps a blog. In addition, one-day firms are not wasted on sites. Try to pay attention to the fullness of the site, as indicators of the quality of the work of a lawyer. After all, the better they relate to their site, success, and reputation, the better they will work with customers. And then, if the site is empty, can a lawyer simply have nothing to brag about?
  4. Try to be critical of the advertising sites, ads that are shown in the search for Google, because they are bought for money. And do not forget about services with reviews of the work of a lawyer.
  5. Please note whether the site has an online consultant or at least a page with questions and answers.

After the consultation, you should have at least an approximate plan of further actions, as well as a clear idea of ​​what and why to do. In addition, it would be nice if a lawyer shows decisions on cases similar to your question and tells in detail about his work experience. We advise you to contact those whose work experience starts for 10 years. Tip: Do not finish the consultation or do not sign the contract until you understand all aspects of the case.








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